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Judul:Most RIDICULOUSLY Expensive Things Conor McGregor Owns
Diterbitkan:13 Agustus 2017
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He’s under 30, stylish, talented, and famous. So it’s no surprise Conor McGregor has got loads of money and loads of things he’s spent that money on. From cars, clothes, property, and more cars, McGregor seems to only have a taste for the finest.

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8. Las Vegas Mansion
Remember how McGregor owns that mansion in Ireland? Well he owns one in Las Vegas, too, and it’s no less extravagant. Located somewhere in Sunrise Mountain is Conor McGregor’s home which he himself has named the MAC Mansion where he and his team stay in the 7 bedroom, 12,000 sq ft property that comes with a little pitch for golfing, a huge pool, and is also gated on top of all that. To give people a glimpse with just how amazing his home looks, there’s a little video online you can find that gives a quick mini tour of the place.

7. Jimmy Choo
We know the man loves his cars and he loves buying homes. But what else does Conor McGregor spend his money on? Well, a pair of Jimmy Choos, for one. In a video he posted on Twitter, it shows McGregor wearing a shiny black pair of Jimmy Choos as he sits in the back of a car. He can then be seen rolling the window down while fans chase after him. You don’t see his face in the video, but with that Irish accent explaining his Jimmy Choo shoes and that watch and elaborate suit we see a peek of, there’s no doubt that this is definitely Conor McGregor. The shoes themselves are said to have cost about $750.

6. Lamborghini Huracan
Aside from the fact you can find out a lot of things about a celebrity just by looking things up, there’s a pretty funny reason as to why people know for certain that Conor McGregor owns a Lamborghini Huracan. And that’s because cameras caught sight of McGregor’s steel green Huracan being towed away because of parking violations. How is anyone sure that this is McGregor’s car? Well according to the fighter himself, it’s the only Huracan Avio in Ireland and it’s the same color and has the same license plate as the one he posted on his instagram, so when it got towed away, everyone knew who that expensive car belonged to.

5. BMW 730d M Sport
The last car we’ll talk about that belongs to Conor McGregor is another one we know for certain he owns since he posted a picture of it on his social media. Even though he’s mostly in shadow, there’s that unmistakable outline of his hair and shoulders that you already know it’s McGregor. The BMW he owns usually comes at a retail price of about $90,00 and comes with a feature where you can use hand signals to control things like answer phone calls and control the volume.

4. Private Jet
You know you’re one of those top tier celebs when you make enough not just to ride a private jet but just own one in general. Here’s McGregor decked out in style like he always is as he sits on the steps of his private jet--which he’s posted pictures of himself lounging on on many occasions on his instagram.

3. Fur Coat
Look, there’s ostentatious and then there’s just over the top. Still, don’t say that this mink fur coat McGregor’s donning doesn’t somehow suit him perfectly. This fur coat was at least to pay homage to Smokin’ Joe Frazier, the professional boxer, who famously wore this same outfit. This isn’t even the only fur coat that McGregor owns. There’s also that $30,000 mink Gucci coat that he wore as part of an outfit that was said to altogether coast $150,000.

2. Watch Collection
This is where that 1 inevitable comparison to Floyd Mayweather is placed. As many of you might already know, Mayweather has his own multi million dollar watch collection he owns. So why wouldn’t someone like Conor McGregor, who cares as much about fashion as Mayweather does, have one, too? If you pay attention to any photo of McGregor when he’s not fighting or training, the man is certainly sporting some classy, bulky watch. One’s even got a name like a Rolex Yacht-master II and pretty much matches his personality. He also owns a Rolex Sky-Dweller and a Day-Date 40 amongst his wide collection.

Suit Collection
When you see a photo of Conor McGregor, it’s either him shirtless because he’s doing some sort of physical activity, he’s wearing some designer clothes that are casual as he’s going about his daily business, or he’s wearing a custom suit. He’s known to spend thousands of dollars on one suit, only to have a handful if not more made of the same kind in just different colors or patterns. The most he’s reportedly spent on one suit is said to be up to $10,000. He also orders at least 8 if not more suits for each media tour and to be honest, have you ever seen him wear anything twice?